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Monthly Fly-out Counts

On the third Friday of each month WCPS members count the population of the Wolli Creek Grey-headed Flying-fox (GHFF) camp. A fly-out count is conducted close to dusk, from three reserves (Turrella, Coolibah and Ron Gosling), as the GHFF exit their camp in search of food. Monitoring the camp population in this way contributes to research on the population dynamics and movement of this nomadic, and now vulnerable native mammal species. The sight of thousands of GHFFs flying out in the evening is really something – a real David Attenborough nature experience.

For more information and to get involved, email

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More flying-fox info

More information about Grey-headed Flying-foxes is available on our website.

If you encounter an injured Grey-headed Flying-fox, do not handle the animal but contact WIRES on 8977 3333 or Sydney Wildlife on 9413 4300.

If you see a GHFF hanging from power lines, you can help – download the info sheet (PDF) ‘Flying Foxes on Power lines’.

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There are presently eight areas in the Wolli and Bardwell Valleys which are surveyed once a month by a small but keen group of amateurs, the Wolli Creek Birdos. Teams record bird species and numbers along their survey route for an hour or so, usually early in a weekend morning.

These observations are entered into “Birdata”, an online bird monitoring platform which is run by Birdlife Australia. Birdata is a citizen science platform which provides a way of collaboratively and scientifically collecting data to assist in environmental monitoring and reporting, conservation planning and biodiversity data management. It is Australia’s largest and longest running database for birds, with more than 18 million records.

Variegated fairy wren

Join a Survey Team

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our teams. No experience is necessary; just enthusiasm and the ability to wake very early one morning a month! Please email and we will contact you with more detailed information regarding the location of the various survey areas so that you can choose one that is suitable for you.

If you would prefer not to participate in a survey group, but want to be informed of sightings, or perhaps report a sighting yourself (a photo would also be good), email the above address and ask to be included in the Wolli Creek Birdos email list.

We also have a private Facebook group “Birdos of Wolli Creek”.


It is important for the well-being of the valley to keep an eye on the health of the Wolli Creek waterway, including its water quality, the state of the banks and its flora and fauna.

In the past, we have contributed to Streamwatch and other activities that have monitored the creek health.

To this end we have a number of desired projects on our list but need people to volunteer who have the skills to take on these projects. The list includes:

  • Turtle watch
  • Frog watch
  • Water quality testing
  • Stream macroinvertebrates
  • Fish health

All of these areas help to give an indication of the health of the creek. If you have skills in any of these areas or other related ones and would be interested in expanding our knowledge, please contact us at

Striped Marsh Frog