Sunday May 21, 2017 – Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle for Nannygoat Hill

Volunteers needed
Join the walk up Nanny Goat Hill dressed in 1960s vintage fashions to re-enact the 1967 resident protest.
Contact us if you can help with
– Walks to Nanny Goat Hill and surrounding area.
– Waiting on our guests at the Turrella Teahouse.
– Information, stories and a listening ear at the Yarn Spinners Tent.
– Old style children’s games and activities.
– Creating 1960s fashion items with the team from Reverse Garbage.
Do you have any of the following we could borrow?
Gazebos, chairs, tables, a large teapot.
Have you any vintage items such as decorative cups and saucers, tablecloths and cake stands?
Can you help with cooking 1960s style delicious home made cakes such as lamingtons, sponges, butterfly cupcakes and  Anzac bikkies?

To view a video about this 1967 struggle to stop the destruction of Nannygoat Hill overlooking Turrella Reserve, see