OCU News (Sept.16, 2021)

The petition has now reached 4,780 signatures, and there is new action to take. See NEW ACTION below

WCPS has developed a new proposal re the OCU (OptionW)  This is set out here in a letter and main attachment to the Minister for Water and a subsequent media release For the other attachments referred to see

Sydney Water’s site comparison

WCPS Comments on site comparison

Spreadsheet of rankings

 Our Option W meets WCPS concerns and overcomes those that Sydney Water has told us about. The relative advantages of the SW option A and the WCPS option W are set out in Relative Advantages of A and W

Sydney Water is to include Option W in a new Multi-criteria Analysis of potential sites and involve WCPS in the MSA process. We have already sent in proposed criteria to be used in the MCA and weightings to be given them.


Here is how you can show Sydney Water your support for Option W, see the Imfor guide